Our Coffee: ethically sourced, sustainably grown.

From our Certified Organic coffee to woman owned coops to Rainforest Alliance coffees, we seek to find the worlds best coffee. But we want to ensure that the people who provide us coffee are treated fairly and the communities that surround the farms are benefiting from these coffees, as well.

In Guatemala, we have a Certified Organic coffee. We also have a coop of woman weavers who grow coffee and assist other woman within their community to be self-sufficient. Each farm that we work with in Guatemala —as well as the exporter— help the communities they are a part of to have clean drinking water.

In the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, we receive coffee from a farm that assists local orphanages providing food and clean drinking water to those children. They also provide a free training program to the children, educating them on quality  agricultural practices, as well as international business classes, helping the kids to be self-reliant when they leave the orphanage. 

Our farm in Papua, New Guinea uses its resources to build and repair community buildings and orphanages. 

The coop that provides our Rainforest Alliance Sumatra Mandheling has met standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 

In addition, because of our close relationship with the farms, we can also say that our farmers grow their crops naturally. They use no pesticides or chemicals in growing their coffee.

If you don’t see a coffee from a certain origin, it’s because we have yet to establish a relationship with a farm in that country, area, or region.

We are a small business supporting small businesses all over the world.

We don’t just buy coffee. We don’t just sell coffee. We try to make an impact with the people we encounter. The farmers we use give back to their respective communities, and we do what we can to partner with them in their communities. We have the same philosophy here. We buy our supplies from within our community. We support our local farmers markets. We help those in need, and we do it by donating coffee or money or time or labor.