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A man walks into a coffee shop and buys a table

While I enjoy writing, I find that I rarely have the time to sit down and put fingers to keyboard. Today isn’t much different, but I wanted to update Brewsworthy followers on our latest goings-on  (I’ll even explain the title of the blog).

As many of you know, we purchased Mountain’s Edge Coffee in late December last year. Since then, we have been incredibly busy and rather overwhelmed. During the acquisition, we had horrible website AND phone problems that resulted in the loss of some very valuable customers, mostly our Mountain’s Edge folks. We have come a long way since January-March of this year, reorganizing to meet the needs of all our customers, and refining and streamlining our processes to make it easier than ever to have fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door (FREE if you live in Northern Colorado).

For those of you who sought coffee elsewhere, I understand, and I want to apologize for dropping the ball. I would love for you to swing back by the website and order from us again. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

For those who have weathered the rough months with us, thank you. We are continuing the process of improving, and we want to do more to keep you satisfied.

As a result, we want to offer ALL our customers, old and new, 15% OFF your orders from now until September 15th. Go to or and use the promo code LOCO15 to receive the discount! You can use this code as often as you wish until the expiration date.

If you haven’t yet jumped away from the blog to receive the spectacular offer, I want to share something even MORE exciting to you. Over the last few months, we have been considering the idea of opening a retail location. We have invited a dear friend and “coffee legend” to join our team to make this possible. Brian Schuetz has a long history of coffee and community involvement. We have partnered with him to create a community driven coffee house where everything within it is sourced from a 20 mile radius of the shop: food, art, furniture, light fixtures, cups, plates, etc. And it ALL will be available for sale.

We want to represent the Loveland, Berthoud, Fort Collins, Windsor (and the list goes on) communities by highlighting artists and artisans from all crafts and giving them a platform to display and sell their craftsmanship. Thus the title, “A man walks into a coffee shop and buys a table.” If you believe in this idea and would like to see it happen, there are a few ways you can help out:

1. Donate/Invest. Unfortunately, every great idea requires money to get it going. Our goal with this is to allow you to have ownership in our project. Depending on your donation/investment, we will provide you a discount that will last you from a year to a lifetime. If you would like your investment returned over the course of time, we can do that, too! Go to to find out more.

2. Get involved. Are you a local artist or artisan? Or do you know of any? Would you like a place to display to others the craftsmanship you have? Then partner with us. Send us a message

3. Tell others. Share our idea with others in our community. We want this to be a showcase of local people.

4. Drink more coffee. The more caffeinated you are, the more excited you’ll get about this idea!


We will continue to keep you updated on where we are with this endeavor, new products we are releasing, and community activities we are involved in.

Thanks for reading!


We’re in the Paper!

Once upon a time, Brewsworthy Coffee was a small upstart roasting business in the basement of our roaster’s house. Fast forward 6 years. We’ve recently acquired Mountain’s Edge Coffee, and we are growing rapidly. As a result, Berthoud Weekly Surveyor has written an awesome article

For all our awesome supporters, we are offering 10% off all orders for the next month! Use promo code “newspaper” when checking out.

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Brewsworthy coffee can get you matched up with the right custom coffee blend. They offer a wide variety of coffee blends. Don’t settle for the same cup of coffee, customize your coffee for each day of the week. Having a dinner party and want something new to impress your guests? Have your packaging customized also.  They make great gifts and can show off your creativity. Contact Brewsworthy’s coffee helpful staff  to customize your next cup of coffee.

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Brewsworthy Coffee can help you find your perfect custom coffee blend! We offer a wide variety to choose from and mix, so don’t settle for the same cup of coffee… Customize your coffee for each day of the week! Having a dinner party and want something new to impress your guests? Serve them your very own custom blend! Contact Brewsworthy Coffee’s helpful staff to customize your next cup. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Looking for the best Loveland coffee? Then look no further! At Brewsworthy Coffee, we believe in changing the world one bean at a time. Our primary focus is preparing custom blends for our customers. We will roast the beans to your specifications to make sure you get your coffee the way you want it. Our blends are perfect for gifts as well! Contact us today at 970-430-6242.

Coffee Cup and Coffee Beans

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Want the Best Loveland Coffee?

Brewsworthy Coffees has the best Loveland coffee. They are locally owned and operated. Choose from a wide variety of gourmet coffees such as Morgan’s Morning blend, Brazil Cerrado and flavored coffees as well. You can’t go wrong with the service and helpful staff at Brewsworthy coffee. Make your next cup of coffee your best contact Brewsworthy coffee at

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Coffee Roasts Extraordinaire

Brewsworthy offers a variety of coffee roasts to individuals, small businesses, churches and much more. Customize your coffees roast depending on your taste. For example you may like your coffee in a medium roast, medium-dark or even an extra dark. Brewsworthy Coffee will be happy to roast it your way. Check out the different coffees and different ways we can customize your coffee. Visit us at

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